"Thank you so much for coming to the Ridgefield Library to share the fascinating life and work of Robert Burns with our audience. What a wonderful evening of music, poetry, and song. You can't get a better combination than that!

Everyone I spoke to afterwards really enjoyed the show, especially the Scottish contingent. I think you probably made a lot of people yearn for the "old country!"

Good luck and thanks again,

Leslie Lambton
Adult Programming Director
The Ridgefield Library and Historical Association
Ridgefield, Connecticut

"Some music just washes over you, and other music demands attention. The songs that Gosbee and Lane unearth belong to the latter catagory.

Castlebay Duo

Castlebay hails from Round Pond, Maine in the US. Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee are founding members of Castlebay, formed as a quartet in 1986, to perform and promote the music of Maine and the Celtic lands of Scotland and Ireland. Castlebay became a duo in 1993 Julia and Fred have since honed their performances as twosome.

Castlebay regularly tours throughout the eastern US performing at arts centers, festivals, folk clubs, schools, and libraries. They have toured the United Kingdom annually since 1993. They have collaborated with performers there on several CDs and also composed music for a major work presented at the Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow, Scotland, in 2001.

Castlebay's repertoire includes traditional songs and music from Scotland, Ireland and England as well as of the Maine coast. Because they are so steeped in tradition their original work often "passes" as traditional.

On the Tapestry series Julia and Fred have recorded almost 100 traditional and original pieces. Julia has provided harp and choral vocal sounds while Fred has provided violin and viola, flute and whistles, guitars and bass. He is also heard on some totally unexpected instruments like Eb tuba, digeriedu, English concertina, and provides choral vocal sounds.

The Tapestry series has included several guest artists: Doreen Conboy on cello, Patricia Boyle-Wight and Laura Lee Perkins on orchestra flute, Laura Lee Perkins on alto flute, Barbara Burt on French horn, Alsen Robinson on fiddle, Sharon Pyne on Irish flute, Brett Burnham on bones.

Castlebay has recorded over 25 albums. In addition to the Tapestry series, there are currently 7 other titles in their catalog.

Julia Lane at Cairn Holy, 2005
Julia Lane

Julia Lane decided in favour of music and singing after studying early childhood development. She studied classical and flamenco guitar at Phillips Exeter academy and used the guitar to accompany her singing until 1989 when she discovered the Celtic harp. Self-taught, she rapidly became a skilled and exciting player, winning the Senior Professional division at the New Hampshire Scottish Games Harp Competition in 1990 and 1991 and the International Folk Harp Competition at Stonehill College in 1992. She is in demand as a teacher of performance workshops for the harp throughout the east coast of the US.

Fred Gosbee in Portsmouth,England
Fred Gosbee

Fred Gosbee left a career as a shipbuilder and engineer to make music a full-time pursuit in 1988. He has played classic and 12-string guitar for over 35 years, began playing violin and viola and Irish flute about 1995, and has been playing tin-whistle far too long to remember when he started. He is self taught on guitar, whistle and flute, studied violin with Dean Stein and many years ago studied tuba and string bass. He learned many traditional songs from his family, who worked as lumbermen in the forests of New Brunswick and Maine. His original songs have been sung and recorded by other artists.



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