The Tapestry Series is a six CD set of Scottish, Irish, and original instrumental music. Tapestry I - Ladies was released in 1999 and the final installment, Banks & Braes, was be released in the spring of 2007.

The music features Celtic harp solos, small ensemble pieces with harp and violin, flute, or guitar, and some large ensemble pieces. Ethereal voices are sometimes heard, creating a mysterious ambience. No synthesizers are used. Click on any cover image to get a detailed description and sound samples for that recording.

Each CD has a theme reflected in the cover art. The six covers fit together to form a larger picture reminiscent of a medieval tapestry.

These CDs are packaged in eco-friendly paper packaging which aren't subject to breaking like plastic jewel cases. The cases are the same size as jewel cases and will fit in any standard rack.


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