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Song of the Sea
Original songs and tunes of the Maine coast by Julia Lane
These original songs and harp solos were inspired by Julia Lane's love and knowledge of the Maine coast and its people.

The Ballad of Cappy John
and Other Songs of the Maine Coast
These original songs reflect the history and hard work of life on the edge of the sea, but with a generous dose of humor.

Ae Fond Kiss
Romantic Scottish Songs
This recording goes well with candlelight, good wine, and a special someone.

Looking Home
These are songs of the homeland from both sides of the western sea.

Tapestry I - Ladies
Celtic instrumental themes inspired by women
Musicians have always been inspired by the women in their lives - mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, lovers. Here are instrumental tunes as vivacious, delicate, mysterious and beautiful as the women to whom they are dedicated.

Tapestry II- In a Garden Green
Celtic tunes inspired by nature
A stroll through a verdant garden can refresh the spirit and relax the mind, connecting one with the cycles of Nature. Gardens embody vitality and solace ; they are places of both activity and repose. The music inspired by them reflects these various moods and seasons.

Tapestry III-Cottage & Castle
Celtic tunes honoring the home.
No aristocratic Celtic household was complete without resident musicians who created music honoring their patrons' holdings. Recalling the charm of the cottage and the elegance of the castle, these tunes affirm the connection of home and heart.

Tapestry IV-Gentlemen
Celtic tunes inspired by men
In past times Gentlemen were men of honor, integrity, and chivalry. This music evokes romantic heroes enjoying a convivial moment in a pastoral setting.

Tapestry VI-Sea & Skye
Celtic tunes inspired by the rhythm of the sea
The ocean's many moods are best experienced while sailing. One seems more aware of mysterious islands emerging from fog, the vessel's foaming wake sparkling in sunlight, and the roll and surge of swells upon the open sea .

a Celtic Journey
This CD is a compilation of the most serene tracks from the Tapestry series. It was released at the suggestion of massage therapists and other practitioners and is designed to take the listener on a journey within and return.

Angels We Have Heard
Joyous music for the yuletide season on solo Celtic harp
Julia Lane arranged and performed all the tracks on this solo harp CD. Many people listen to the recording all year long!

Yuletide Treasure
Music of yuletide for two harps.
Julia Lane and Debora Friou collaborated on the recording of yuletide music for two harps.


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